UPL Limited

An agricultural product manufacturer with corporate offices in Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Americas, UPL provides crop protection solutions for farming operations worldwide. UPL works with farmers throughout the agricultural value chain, from seed treatment all the way through post-harvest solutions. Due to its comprehensive portfolio of products, the company can help farmers address even the most difficult terrain challenges.

Through its portfolio company Advanta Limited, UPL markets seed products in 25 countries. Advanta combines modern plant genetics with traditional breeding principles to produce efficient biotech traits in the seeds it develops. This translates to improved crop performance, both in terms of drought tolerance and resistance to pests. In the same vein, UPL has established itself as a global leader in crop protection, providing valuable products such as insecticides, herbicides, fungicides, and fumigation technology.

In addition, UPL offers drought mitigation products such as Zeba, a starch-based compound that absorbs over 400 times its weight in water. After farmers treat Zeba with water at planting, the granules slowly release water and nutrients throughout the growing season, protecting plants from drought. Identifying 16 essential chemical elements for plant growth, UPL offers a number of crop nutrition technologies and delivery methods. Other areas of research at UPL include soil health and mosquito control.

Recognized by the World CSR Congress as one of the 50 most caring companies in 2014, UPL emphasizes corporate social responsibility at all levels of the organization. The company sponsors agricultural initiatives such as the Dang Paddy Development Project, an India-based program that provided training and high-yield paddy seeds to local farmers. UPL is also dedicated to environmental awareness, responding promptly to industrial disorders such as chemical leaks and fires via emergency response teams.

To learn more about UPL, visit the official website at www.uplonline.com.

UPL Limited | Jai Shroff